Producers often gain a premium price for pregnant cows and heifers.
This nationally recognized system of coloured tail tags showing pregnancy status of female cattle is explained in some detail in the ACV publication “Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cattle” (revised in 2004). Order the book now.

It is a nationally recognized quality tail tagging system for the identification and certification of cattle pregnancy status, particularly for sale purposes.

The NCPD scheme seeks to promote excellence in cattle pregnancy testing skills, by way of peer-based assessment and the provision of educational material (including and the revised manual Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cattle).

Development of the scheme

The scheme was originally launched with a view to providing a system of certification for cattle pregnancy diagnosis by ACV members. Individual members could apply to become registered and then they could buy plastic wrap-around tags.

There have been recent changes to the scheme. Australian Cattle Veterinarian has registered NCPD scheme and the tail tags with the ACCC. New tail tags bear the registered certification mark which is an Australian Cattle Veterinarians logo with stripes either side. Please see the ncpd-poster-low-res for further information.

The tag colours have not changed. The three most common tags are Red and yellow which indicates over 4 months pregnant, blue and orange under 4 months and green and white not detectably pregnant.Each tags bears a serial number and a veterinarian identification code.

When these tags are applied a certificate should be issued by the testing veterinarian providing details of the owner of the cattle, the name of the veterinarian, the registration number, the date of testing, the total numbers tested, and a list of the individual tail tag serial numbers applied and the pregnancy diagnosis categories of the cattle tested.

NCPD is an accountable and quality scheme with the power to deal with unsatisfactory levels of performance. Members apply now for accreditation.